Companies who embrace internet technology reach a wider customer base and can streamline their business processes. Having a presence on the web opens up your business to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and keeps you a step ahead of your competition.

Do You Have a Web Site?

This is the question that businesses are hearing much more commonly from prospective clients and customers, benefactors, and suppliers alike. Along as you have something to market, whether it is the products you sell, services you provide, a charitable cause, or even yourself, a website is now a necessity rather than a luxury.

The addition of a website can give your business:

  • Exposure to a larger audience
  • 24/7 readily accessible information about the organization
  • Organization appears more professional and well-established
  • The opportunity to collect visitor information and update database for a myriad of uses.
  • A way to reduce paper, printing, postage costs.

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Does Your Website Need a Redesign?

You may have a beautiful website, it may win awards for excellence in design, but unless the designer has taken into account the principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you may need to consider a redesign. You may have an old website, it does its job, it tells people about your company, but it's slow and the content, it's a bit out of date. In both cases, you definitely need to consider a redesign.

Both websites will struggle to get the volume of traffic that they could receive. The new well-designed site may get traffic for those looking specifically for that site, but anyone using a keyword search for your product or services won't find you.

The older site with out of date content loses out because the search engines think (due to the lack of fresh content) that the site is dormant or dead. Both of these websites could receive great traffic and a potentially lucrative increase in business, but without consideration of SEO, they won't get any share of that possible income.

So what should one look for in a site that might need a redesign?

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Web Consulting

Don't know where to start with getting your website up and running? Don't know the difference between SEO and SEM? Can't figure out how to make conversions out of your visits? We're here to help.

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Need Your Website Updated?

Sharing fresh content is an important part of building your web presence. When the information and content of your website is updated and changed on a regular basis, it gives your visitors a reason to return time and again. Not only that, Google and other search engines emphasize content freshness when ranking websites.  

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